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Graphic Design

Concept. Strategy. Design.

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Sony Music - Midnight Oil: Full Tank Limited Edition - Graphic Design Sydney
Universal Sony Pictures - Mad Men: The Complete First and Second Season - Graphic Design Sydney


We believe that packaging design should express value, deliver concise messaging and be a call to action through its consumer appeal.

We work with brands to create packaging that is reflective of the brand value and the product offering.

PlayStation: Point of Sale - PlayStation: Point of Sale - Graphic Design Sydney
PlayStation: Point of Sale - PlayStation: Point of Sale - Graphic Design Sydney

Point of Sale

Effective point of sale is an expression of value and a call to action that captures a consumers interest.

As graphic designers we have many years of experience in Australian retail and know how to deliver an outstanding in-store execution.

We can create point of sale for a specific brand, product launch or promotional campaign for a special event or seasonal promotion across multiple products.

Twin Peaks: Stan - Bus Wrap - Graphic Design Sydney
Stan: Twin Peaks - Newspaper Wrap - Graphic Design Sydney
Stan: No Activity - Character Posters - Graphic Design Sydney
Sony Foundation - Annual Reports - Graphic Design Sydney

Print Media

We create brand and product advertising and promotional messaging for all print media from newspapers and magazines to large format billboards.

We can design and produce your annual report, event collateral, catalogue, brochure or ad-hoc promotional flyer.

We work with the specialist media suppliers such as OOH, APN, JC Decaux and QMS to deliver your brand or product statements.