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3DUX x Partnership Series: Hug Media

Welcome to our partnership series! 3DUX are bringing you the latest on our industry relationships and chatting about what the future holds for the entertainment industry.

We are super excited to announce our collaboration with Hug Media, joining forces to deliver our clients impactful video campaigns. Read on to find out more about the team below:

Tell us about the work Hug do in a nutshell.

At Hug, we know that people respond best when their emotions are involved, so we love creating video that makes you feel something. We’re also big believers in not making videos just for that sake of it; there’s a lot of wasted airtime out there, so our first step is always to find the purpose and then make a video that achieves that..

Who is Hug Media?

In some respects we work like a traditional film production company; we have a concise, expert team that handle our daily operations and an extensive crew of specialists to cater for each jobs specific needs. Be it high scale filming, animation, or YouTube and influencer style content, our team focuses on telling stories in the best way possible. We are passionate about film and people, and that makes all the difference.

How has your business had to adapt to 2020 and the impact of COVID-19?

Jobs have definitely changed in terms of on-location and on-set production, but that just means our creative brains have had to work a little harder to make the stories sing within certain constraints. We’ve leaned a little more heavily on animation and adapted to working remotely, even sometimes directing clients via video comms.  Although a lot of our overseas jobs have been put on hold until travel restrictions are lifted, we’ve manage to continue projects with teams in Malaysia and Singapore.

What has been the most memorable project you have worked on this year?

We recently worked on a project for Cancer Council that allowed us to interview real people and get quite an intimate look into their stories. It’s really nice to work with people and be welcomed into their lives; it allows us to tell the truest and most authentic stories possible. The change in workflow has also given us some time to focus on smaller internal Hug projects that have allowed us to flex our creative muscles.

Where do you see the future of video content heading? What do you predict consumers will see in the next few years’ time?

The changed COVID conditions have definitely altered what people are comfortable with on TV and screens of all sort. UG (user-generated) content, webcams etc. have been widely accepted, as well as the storytelling, which has shifted to be more personal and emotion driven. We really hope that sentiment continues and more stories are told from an intimate angle. In terms of visuals, I can see it turning back to the more cinematic and emotive high production shots that we were used to before… or maybe, as a film nerd I’m just hoping it does.

Got a project? Let’s talk. Chat to 3DUX and Hug Media today > enquiries@3dux.com.au.

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