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3DUX x Tips for Productive Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings are the new normal for the team at 3DUX and after two months of working from home, we thought we’d share our top tips for productive meetings over Zoom >>>

Schedule meetings via the Zoom app and make sure alerts are turned on to remind all attendees 15 minutes before the meeting is set to start. 

If you are hosting the meeting, send out a meeting schedule or list of topics you would like to discuss. This gives your meeting attendees a chance to prepare for discussion and ensures no topics are forgotten. 

We suggest using Zoom on your desktop, not mobile. Zoom on a desktop allows you to see all the attendees on the call at one time, the quality is higher and leaves your hands free to write or type meeting notes if necessary. 

Treat a Zoom meeting as you would a usual in-person meeting. Make sure your phone is on silent, give eye contact to those who are talking and get dressed in appropriate work-attire.

Use the mute button wisely! When you are not actively talking, keep yourself on mute so there is no background noise on the call and all attendees can listen clearly to those who are speaking. This will increase the quality of the call.

Eliminate distractions if you are working from home with others. Make sure you shut the door to give yourself some privacy and separation, so you don’t have anyone walking in on the call or distracting you. 

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