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Does your business need a new logo design?

We’re big fans of branding here at 3DUX because a great identity is crucial to the success of your business. Logos are the pillar of your brand, as they are interwoven with the marketability, memorability and overall purpose of your company identity. Since they’re so vital it makes sense that they need some extra attention every now and then. Trends come and go. Mission statements change. Businesses evolve.

We have listed five telling signs that your logo is due for a revamp:

Your logo is outdated

There is nothing worse than a logo that is a reflection of design trends that were in vogue ten or more years ago. An outdated logo gives the impression that your company doesn’t keep up with trends or hasn’t evolved. There’s a reason why successful companies invest in branding and give their logos an upgrade. It realigns the logo with the company’s mission statement, ensures that it fits the personality and keeps the design modern. This is especially important if you’re undergoing a rebrand!

Your logo doesn’t communicate your message

Your logo is most likely your first interaction with potential customers. Your logo needs to send a message to the viewer; who you are, what you offer and why they should choose your services over others. If your logo doesn’t communicate the right message or doesn’t convey a message at all, that opportunity is lost.

Your logo elements aren’t cohesive

Font, colour and symbol choices all affect the way your logo is perceived to the viewer. If your typeface is difficult to decipher, vague or illegible, this isn’t doing your logo any favours. Additionally, colour choices tend to trigger certain moods and feelings towards brands. If you don’t choose an appropriate colour, this can affect the way potential consumers perceive your brand.

Furthermore, the overall shape of your logo can be changed to fit your brand personality and make your logo memorable. Certain shapes can also make a logo disproportionate, making it look messy or feel crowded. If any of the above factors don’t fit the overall mood and tone that you want to present, it might be time for an upgrade.

Your logo isn’t memorable

Your logo needs to be making a connection between your brand and potential clients, so they will be moved to seek out a further relationship with you. If your logo falls flat or is boring, it makes it hard to forge connections with viewers. This doesn’t mean the logo needs to be complex; after all, simplicity is valuable in a logo.

Your logo doesn’t reflect company progression

Since the initiation of your business, your products or services are most likely to have changed, been enhanced or new products or services have been added. Redesigning your logo also alerts customers to new developments in your brand.

Here at 3DUX we understand that brands can outgrow their identity, change direction and need a different aesthetic. We work closely with your team to ensure we understand the core values of your brand and provide thoughtful creative and strategy to suit the revised look. Contact us today and discover how 3DUX can help with your brand identity design >>> email us at