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Website Design Tips for a Better Conversion Rate

Websites are vital to position your business online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers the motivation to engage more with your business. However, first impressions matter and if your website is not converting users, you are losing business. According to One Day Labs, 94% of first impressions of a website are design driven. Read on to discover our best practices that will assist in conversion rate on your website.

  • Use consistent branding throughout the site

Images, layout and titles need to be consistently branded in order to minimise jolting and confusion for your readers. By using consistent colour, fonts, image styles and media across the entire design of the site allows users to identify your brand or business easily and gain a sense of reliability.

  • Reduce user clicks

Good website design enables users to get the information they are after in the shortest number of steps possible. By avoiding pop-ups and other interruptions that will increase the number of clicks a user needs to make, your conversion rate will increase. Further to this, your website navigation should be simple.

  • Simplify your navigation

A high converting website design should be aimed at walking your site visitors through to an action you want them to take. Your website navigation should reflect your intentions. Your website design should make it easy for people to navigate the site in the least amount of clicks possible in order to gain the highest number of conversions. Keep your navigation labels and heading easy to understand, your website should not be cryptic or create a challenge for site visitors.

  • Use colour and contrast to your advantage

Contrast helps certain website elements stand out from the rest. If you want your users to convert on an offer, ensure you’re using greater contrast on those specific areas.

  • Be mobile-friendly

For your web design to truly boost conversion, it needs to be consistent across all devices. If your design does not incorporate and consider mobile and tablet users, you will quickly lose market share.

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